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My Memoreel

Having personal connections with family through social media is wonderful, however, it could never replace their warm embrace, smile, or the words, “I love you.”  


Unfortunately, we don’t realize just how much we value the simple things about them until they’re gone. The voicemails they left for us, their personal photos, and the special moments captured on home video that bring a smile to your heart once again. Such memories may be all we have. They’re priceless.

Yet we believe that nothing can deliver the essence of a loved one, like the words spoken from them directly.  


For that reason, based on our own personal experience, we have have developed a video product we call, “My Memoreel.”  A casual and personal documentary aimed at preserving your family’s history. We capture the family history, stories, and personal messages for individual family members. These messages are powerful for those who need to hear uplifting words of inspirational from their loved one, even years after they have passed.  


The “My Memoreel” video is the story your loved one will share, and your family will cherish for a lifetime.